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Welcome to the library where life-long reading is encouraged. Students in grades Kindergarten through fifth have the opportunity to check out books of their choice. They may come to the library throughout the day choosing from over 7100 books.
Phone Number: 558-5352
Teacher Librarian: Mrs. Sontrop
Library Schedule
Monday: Classes - 5E, 3F, 1P, 1H, KP, CIT
Tuesday: Classes - 4BD, 3B, 2G, 2C, 1B, KA, AIS
Wednesday: Classes - 5A, 2N, 1P, KH, AII
Thursday: Classes - 2C, 1B, KP, CIT, AIS, AII
Friday: Classes - 4BG, 3J, 2G, 2N, 1H, KA, KH