CVSD's Commitment to Creating a Safe Environment

The tragic events at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas has brought a heightened awareness, and questions regarding our own security and safety protocols.

CVSD has contracted with the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office and the Liberty Lake Police Department to provide commissioned law enforcement school resource deputies (SRD) / officers (SRO) in our schools. Each SRD/SRO is assigned schools within the area in which they provide service.

In addition to these law enforcement officers, the district has three campus resource officers (CRO) that have received specialized training in providing services and protecting our schools.

Director Brian Asmus, who leads the school safety and security team, has over 30 years’ experience providing professional protection services for communities in our state.

CVSD works closely with our local first responders and department of emergency management in preparing for, responding to, and mitigating emergency incidents that may occur at our schools.

The safety and security protocols and processes that we have in place include:

  • Secured and monitored single point entry system.
  • Standardized, best practices approach emergency response protocols and drills that include lockout (secure the perimeter), lockdown (active threat in the building), evacuation, shelter in place (hazmat) and earthquake. These protocols are practiced in each building throughout the school year.
  • Extensive campus camera system that can be shared with first responders.
  • An All Hazards Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan is currently being reviewed by your School Board.
  • Threat Assessment Program to proactively identify potential risks.
  • Family Reunification Plan and pre-determined evacuation sights.
  • Crisis Communication Plan that includes direct communication between CVSD and our first responders.
  • Rescue Task Force – Law enforcement partnering with EMS/Paramedics for quick response and triage.
  • Successful "see something, say something" campaign.
  • Emergency supplies "go bag" in every classroom.

We are committed to providing safe places for students to learn and staff to provide a quality education. CVSD has processes for identifying and responding to potential and actual threats. In the event these preventative measures may not work, we have plans and protocols to mitigate a targeted attack at our schools, and detailed plans on how to recover from such an event.