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The McDonald Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a team of parents whose purpose is to strengthen, enhance and encourage the educational and social environment of McDonald Elementary. You can get additional information on our Facebook page. We always love hearing from you so don't hesitate to reach out with questions or if you are interested in volunteering! [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help?

We understand that families are busy and we are here to support you. The easiest way to support the PTO and the school community is by showing up to our events. If you have time and willingness to volunteer, we would love to have your help! We also love feedback! Some of our best ideas have come from family members who were not even on the board, so don’t hesitate to reach out with ideas, questions and feedback!

Where can I find out about school events?

Information about events is sent home in your student’s Friday folder. You can also find our events on our Facebook page and on the school website this year.

I have a business that would like to make a donation, who would I contact?

Any of us! We included our numbers on this page to make it easy to reach out! If you lose track of this piece of paper you can reach out to us on the Facebook page or just call the school and they will put you in touch with one of us.

What does the PTO do?

We meet once a month to plan events, fundraisers and activities for the school community, respond to requests and engage with Scott Krentel, principal, on school updates. We volunteer at events and provide support to teachers in various ways.

Where does the money raised by the PTO go?

Your donations and fundraising dollars have allowed the PTO to donate money to teachers, help pay for field trips, provide various materials and supplies throughout the year to students who might not be able to afford them and provide service events that connect our students and families beyond the classroom!

Who would I contact if I have some spare time or have ideas?

Reach out to any of us! No need to wait for an event or request, we would love to hear from you!