A Message to Our Central Valley Community

On behalf of your CVSD School Board and the district, we are compelled to take a moment to reflect and share our hearts with you. We mourn alongside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas – the families, students, staff, and community who faced what no one should have to face – with immense grief at the unimaginable loss of these young lives and beloved educators.

Our hearts are not only with them, but we also share our profound compassion with you, our own Central Valley community. The toll is great and far reaching—a heartache felt deeply by those that dedicate themselves to the care and education of our young people every day.

Every family should believe when they send their child to school, they will come home. While we cannot guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen, we can reassure that we will do everything in our power to keep our students and staff safe. It is difficult to comprehend and process this senseless and heartbreaking event. We all struggle to come to terms with this loss of life. As parents ourselves, we are struggling with you. Your School Board members are struggling with you. Your entire district is struggling with you.

In these unsettling times, be assured that safety is our paramount duty – part of our School Board and district values – that we commit to every day. We are so grateful that our community came together to support secure entryways for every one of our school buildings and embrace the safety protocols behind them. Our caring, committed staff work hard each day to keep students safe. It takes all of us together to be diligent as a community. We ask that you talk with your children and remind them that their school is a safe place and that we are united in our commitment to school safety.

Nevertheless, instances like these prompt us to pause and reflect on the safety measures we have in place and strengthen our resolve around these issues. There is no one simple solution, but where it starts is caring and supporting each student and ensuring they have a sense of belonging and an ability to learn, grow and thrive—a value that your district and your School Board take to heart.

We are proudly reminded of the strength and support of our community and families. We come together united in solidarity during times of grief—and although this is not something that occurred here in our community, this time is no different. It is important that we look after our children and each other. We need to reassure one another and show a little extra grace and kindness. We need each other now more than ever. Find ways to lift each other up with the support we all need. We are all in this bravely together. It takes courage and determination – and above all – love.

While we may have different experiences, different beliefs, or different approaches to life, what we have in common is the love and care we have for all children. Thank you for your care each day as we strive to keep our students cared for and safe.

Sometimes the only good we can find in such a tragedy is how it reminds us to appreciate all that we have. I hope you will take this holiday weekend to hold your family and friends close. Know that we are thinking of each of you, and we are here for you and your children.

With sincere regard,

Cindy McMullen, CVSD School Board President

Ben Small, CVSD Superintendent